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TAKIGUCHI Shuzo,1903 - 1979



decalcomania on paper

41.0 × 37.5 cm

initial signed, signed, dated and dedicated on the verso


$3,800 - $6,200

Generally in good condition.
There are faintest stains and dot-shaped black dirt marks scattered on the margins of the sheet.
Initial signed on the lower left, signed, dated and dedicated ”献 岡田隆彦様 史乃様 [To Mr. OKADA Takahiko, Mrs. (OKADA) Shino]”on the center of the verso.


Takiguchi Shuzo (1903 - 1979) was born in Toyama City and learned about Western contemporary literature and art through Nishiwaki Junzaburo, a professor at Keio University, where he also studied and would return to in 1925. From around 1927, he started a series of poetic experiments inspired by the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, which was later published as ‘Takiguchi Shuzo's Poetic Experiment 1927-1937’ (Shichosha 1962). In 1930, he translated André Breton's seminal text ‘Surrealism and Painting’ into Japanese.
As a poet and art critic, he transcended the boundaries of surrealism and was a great influence on the Japanese literary and artistic world. After World War II, Takiguchi’s role as a prominent art critic allowed him to actively participate within the contemporary art scene; recommending young artists to the avant-garde gallery ‘Takemiya Gallery’, acting as a mentor to the avant-garde artist group ‘Jikken Kobo’ from their formation in 1951, and introducing new artistic movements such as Informalism in 1957 to the Japanese cultural scene. However, as Takiguchi stated in 1959, he began “to feel an obstacle in writing journalistic criticism”, and began to abstain from writing activities, instead concentrating his efforts on ‘plastic experiments’ such as drawing and decalcomania. These works were based on the creative principles of surrealist ‘automatism’ and ‘chance’, and this style is most evident in Takiguchi’s decalcomania works. Produced by transferring ink to paper, the fantastical images have a dreamlike appearance that eliminates the intervention of reason. The inscription on the back of this work indicates that it was presented to the art critic Okada Takahiko, who was a close friend of Takiguchi.



Untitled : gray

ESTIMATE:¥1,200,000 - ¥1,800,000

ENDO Toshikatsu

Trieb - Plan for Shrine

ESTIMATE:¥120,000 - ¥200,000

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