Joseph BEUYS

Celtic Kinloch Rannoch (Schellmann 334)


6 C-prints mounted on cardstock with screenprinting

S. 139.5 × 31.5 cm


signed and numbered


$730 - $1,100

Generally in good condition. There is discoloration to the surface of the work and dot-shaped stain marks in places. Signed and numbered on the lower right side.


Publisher:  Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

“Celtic Kinloch Rannoch” was a collaborative ‘action’ by Joseph Beuys (1921 - 1986) and fellow Fluxus member and musician Henning Christiansen that was performed over five days as a part of the Edinburgh Festival in 1970. The ‘action’ was over three and a half hours long, with music and sound provided by Christiansen, and a live performance by Beuys consisting of the artist standing on a ladder, removing pieces of gelatin attached to a wall, throwing the gelatin onto a silver plate, pouring the gelatin over himself while shouting, and culminated with him standing, looking straight ahead for over an hour. The ‘action’ also showed footage from a film shot on Rannoch Moor, a place of national importance to Scotland that Demarco brought Beuys to on his first visit to Scotland in order to show him the “Land of Macbeth” and the sublime Celtic landscape.
The ‘action’ introduced Beuys to the Anglo-European art scene and was a pivotal exhibition that helped redefine contemporary ideas of what an art exhibition was. This work includes six images from this historic ‘action’ and was published in 1980 by the Richard Demarco Gallery, where the original performance took place.


Gallery Takagi, Nagoya

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