NEW 001

John CAGE,1912 - 1992

Fontana Mix (Light Gray)


screenprint, plastic film

S. 50.0 × 70.0 cm


signed and numbered


$900 - $1,400

There are stains in places along the margins due to the age of the work, as well as traces of masking tape and cellophane tape on the right and left sides of the plastic film. The artwork is signed on the lower right and numbered on the lower left.


This work is a graphic notation of a musical score composed by John Cage (1912 - 1992) in 1958. The composition consists of four sheets of differing elements; six types of curves, polka dots, a grid, and straight lines, which are freely combined to complete the score. The performers would use the intersection of each line or dot to interpret the volume, tone, pitch or other musical direction during a performance. This method of entrusting the composition of the score to the performer, as opposed to an existing predetermined score, is demonstrative of Cage’s interest in chance and uncertainty in music, a subject that he explored from the 1950’s onwards.

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